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Ways to Be Active & Healthy at Work

Wear a Device to track movement. There are numerous devices on the market to track both your steps and your nutrition.

Park further away. Find a spot further back in the parking lot.

Take the stairs. No elevators! Engage those quadriceps with steps.

Move Hourly. Get up and move by taking a walk down the hall or better yet, scale a few flights of stairs and return.

Take an “active” lunch. Get away from your desk and go for a walk. Walk to local restaurants vs. driving to pick up lunch if you are eating out.

Walk and Talk. Can your meeting be done while you walk with your colleague?

Stretch Frequently. Stuck at your desk? Use resistance bands and/or versa loops to work the body while you sit.

Work your abs. You can strengthen tummy muscles while sitting at your desk. Sit up straight, tighten muscles then release, repeating.

Correct your posture frequently. Shrug your shoulders up towards your ears and release.

Push your chin and neck back and hold for several seconds then release…you will find your hunched over posture returns to a less tense state.

Hit the gym. Do you have one in or near your building? …take a break! If not, catch it either before or after work.

Stay hydrated. Keep a re-usable water bottle at the office & refill frequently.

Bring healthy snacks. Keep healthy snacks at the office that are nutrient-dense (i.e. fruit, nuts, cut vegetables, pretzels, Think ™ protein bars…read labels!).

Bring your lunch. Pack a health lunch or consider pre-made healthy meals such as Mighty Meals ™ (

Avoid soda and other sugar drinks. There is no nutritional value, just empty calories.

Stay clear of the vending machines. Wasteful money and poor choices.


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