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Develop Positive Coping Skills to Manage Stress


Listening to music Planning trips/vacations Playing cards

Taking a walk Re-decorating your home Taking a nap

Knitting/sewing Playing pool or billiards Giving gifts

Playing golf Take a bath or shower Watch a Ted Talk

Fishing Playing chess or checkers Go to the beach

Reading Making crafts to give away Volunteer

Take a cooking class Gardening or landscaping Helping someone

Create a family chat Go to a museum Hiking

Writing a letter Learning to do something new Write poetry

Playing cards Playing in a musical group Hearing jokes

Painting Meeting new people Acting

Playing tennis Drive to the mountains Have coffee or tea

Gardening Doing housework/chores Play Frisbee

Boating Preparing a new healthy recipe Go camping

Doing a crossword Call a friend to go out Go to the library

Watching a movie Hosting a party or “get together” Play with pets

Going to church Going to auctions/garage sales Coaching a sport

Visiting friends Find new Apps Budgeting time

Playing board games Reorganizing a room/closet Post items for sale

Dancing Talking about old times Doing a job well

Woodworking Buying things for myself Go paintballing

Exercising (general) Create a website/blog Daydreaming

Going for a drive Feed ducks at a lake Watch You Tube

Riding a bike Going to church functions Stream or Rent a movie

Horseback riding Make a scrapbook Visiting family

Thrift store shopping Go to a spa or health club Get a massage

Playing an instrument Have your hair styled/cut Go to a toy store

Go to yard/estate sales Visiting people who are elderly Shop on line

Camping Scavenger Hunt Work on finances

Bird watching Start a new collection/hobby Do a puzzle

Going to a sports event Combing or brushing your hair Go to a bookstore

Shopping in general Download new playlist Play dominos

Working with computer Go to an outlet mall Go for a swim

Manicure/Pedicure Light some candles and relax Buy a pet or a fish

Singing/karaoke Going to school reunions Dating Apps (be careful!)

Watching t.v. Meditating or doing yoga Pottery class

Ceramics Go bungee jumping Walking barefoot

Photography Go white water rafting Play frisbee

Going to a concert Giving massages or backrubs Just relax alone!


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